The author Dr. Denis Fortin (photo left below) is Professor of theology at the Adventist Seminary from Andrews University in Berrien Springs (Michigan), USA.


This reading (non-academic) is a summary of the two below reading materials (The Adventist Trinity) that Dr. Denis Fortin (photo left below) had embedded in his slideshow. The PowerPoint presentation, consisting of 58 slides, was presented in 2007 over the weekend from 13-15 July in Stuttgart (Germany) as part of the Adventist Theology Symposium (ATS). The speaker took this material from his colleague Dr. Jerry Moon and added other interesting notes of his own. The skilful live translation, taken over by Frank Hasel (with a blue shirt), helped to understand this exciting topic.

Combining the slides from the previous mentioned presentation into one text was a pleasure for me. At the same time, I have created a small guide that will help us understand how things went in the early days of Adventism in relation to what the Adventist pioneers, and others after them, thought about the Trinity.

All readers should be reminded that the word Trinity does not even appear in the Bible. It is one of the expressions that it was commonly accepted and is part of ours language when we speak among ourselves as Adventists or with other Christians to bring its biblical fact closer. The Trinity is the second doctrinal point (it is not a creed) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The video recording of the present reading (No. 6; 512 MB-MP4) can be downloaded free on Vimeo HERE. English-German spoken. It takes a little more than an hour.

Attention: To read the full document, you must download it (1,3 MB, 9 pp).

The content of this reading is based on “The Adventist Trinity” of Dr. Jerry Moon (35 pp). It is recommended.

The 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Edition 2020. Download HERE.

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