Luisetti, June 4, 2021/The Story of Religion in America is the result of a series of ten episodes that were published regularly every week back in 1937 in the Adventist magazine SIGNS OF THE TIMES. The text was distributed in three columns. Author: Dr. Percy W. Christian (1907-1989).

My initiative was to have them recovered one by one in the digital archive of our denomination, making them a single file for reading easily and for storage. Obviously, with my addition of explanatory maps and images taken from the web, the reader will benefit considerably during the deepening of the topic.

Personally, while writing this work, through copy-paste-recompile, it has allowed me to learn many and varied new things that will have surely the same effect on you. An example is worth: if today in a newscast you hear about the state of Pennsylvania, you will know exactly where the territory is located and that its name originates from William Penn, a Quaker settler who founded Philadelphia, one of the oldest cities in the USA. Or, when you read about the rise of the Millerite Movement in the 1800s and its message of Christ’s return, you will better understand what was the precursor religious substratum that led it.


A few weeks later in the course of work planning, I discovered in my research an eleventh article published a year earlier in this series (1936). So lucky! It’s about a summary of the life of Roger Williams, a very interesting key character who deserves to be known for his courage and his self-denial. The title is “Rhode Island – An Experiment in Liberty”. It should be read as a supplement how indicated in the third episode (p. 22).

INDEX of the 10 Episodes

1- From the Old World to the New
2- Religious Beginnings in the Old South
3- The Beginnings of Puritan New England
4- Religious Problems in the Middle Colonies – Founding of Pennsylvania – The Quaker State
5- The Great Awakening
6- The Churches in American Indipendence
7- Frontiers Expand Westward
8- Shifting Sands of Sectarianism
9- Challenges of a New Order
10- Churches in the Twentieth Century

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